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At what age can my child start taking classes?


Children as young as 5 or 6 years old are eligible to take courses. However, if a child is younger than eight we recommend that they be accompanied by a parent.  We offer mixed classes where families may participate together.


How safe is it to learn?


UCHTA's program is safe and fun for students of all ages and physical abilities. Classes are supervised by certified black belt instructors. All students are taught techniques in a step by step manner and at their own pace. A thorough stretching routine, and the use of protective safety equipment are all part of our commitment to ensuring student safety. You will also find our instructors to be friendly, patient, enthusiastic and great motivators.


What if I never did martial arts before or if I am currently out of shape?


At UCHTA, we have ongoing enrollment, so beginners are always welcome. In addition the belt system used in Taekwon-Do allows all students to train at their own pace and to improve their physical condition gradually.

How long does it take to start seeing results?


Studying Taekwon-Do has lifelong benefits and is designed to be a lifelong study. However, initial benefits start appearing after a few months of consistent practice. Children begin to show improved listening, confidence, and self discipline. Adults gain more energy and feel healthier. Over time, the benefits become even more apparent and dramatic. As with learning any skill, consistent attendance and personal effort make a big impact on ones knowledge and rate of progress.

Does your school participate in tournaments and competitions?


Yes, our students participate in state, national, and international competitions.


I achieved a belt rank at another school. Can I start at that rank at your school?


When you come in we can evaluate your past training and recommend a proper starting rank that is commensurate with your experience. Accelerated courses are available for those with previous Taekwon-Do experience.


How long does it take to become a Black Belt?


The Black Belt in Taekwon-Do is symbolic of an advanced level of skill as well as above average physical, mental, and emotional strength. The length of study necessary to attain a Black Belt varies depending on ones effort and dedication. On average, our students train for a period of three to four years to attain Black Belt status.

How often do students attend classes and how flexible is the schedule?


Most of our instructors teach classes twice a week. In order to attain benefits and progress at a reasonable rate we recommend that students make every effort to make it to both classes.  Students may also attend classes with other instructors during the week for additional training.  Our convenient locations allow us to offer an extremely flexible unlimited class schedule.

Do I have to sign a contract?


No, but most of our students do commit to an extended-length course. Depending on what rank you wish to achieve, we offer various short-term and long-term course plans.

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