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Ho-Sin-Sul Shrimping.jpg
Ho-Sin-Sul group.jpg
USTF Basic Ho-Sin-Sul Seminar - January 18, 2019

Mr. Anthony Giese instructed our Seminar and we had a great time, from "shrimping" to releases, wrist-locks, and throws.
Thank you to all the students that participated in this seminar!     Pictures can be seen here.

Ho-Sin-Sul Throw.jpg
Ho-Sin-Sul Giese.jpg
Camp 2019 main.jpg
UCHTA Summer Camp - August 2019 

We had another great camp this year with good attendance. We hope to see those who could not attend in 2020!  Thank you to Sr. Master Bosse and our other guests. It is always great to train with you!                                                          Pictures of camp can be seen here.

Camp 2019 b.jpg
Camp 2019 a.jpg
Camp 2019 c.jpg
USTF National Championship
July 2019

Congrats to our competitors! Thank you for
representing Utah!

Click here to view more photos.

Nationals 2019 c.jpg
Nationals 2019 a.jpg
Nationals 2019 b.jpg
Utah Cup 2019 b.jpg
UCHTA Utah Cup Tournament: May 18th, 2019

UCHTA hosted its annual Utah Cup. Thank you for all the participation from TKD schools inside and outside Utah!   Pictures are found here.

Utah Cup 2019 c.jpg
Utah Cup 2019 a.jpg
Utah Cup 2019 d.jpg
New Taekwon-Do Class!
September 2018

Mr. Paul Williams, II Dan, began instructing under his school name: Jeontong Taekwon-Do.

Jeon-Tong class.jpg
Jeontong TKD.png
Upcoming Events


August 5th - 7th, 2022

UCHTA 34th Annual Taekwon-Do Summer Camp: East Canyon State ParK


UCHTA Camp Form 2022 - PDF

UCHTA Camp Form 2022 - DOC

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